About The Team

We are committed to offering high-quality, professional photographic services for all of your memorable moments and provide our clients with the most convenient method to view, share and purchase photos. We work with a professional photo lab to ensure the very best quality of prints. Not only because you deserve that but because it is our work and we are proud of it. By working with a lab that shares our vision we are able to focus more of our energy on the most important thing, capturing your memories.

Light Filters studio is located in Boston area specializing in Portrait, glamour, and fashion photography. The studio includes well published, group of photographers with international experience. We specialize with all kinds of people photography, from magazine to ad campaigns. Versatility, Imagination, creativity and art combined with 30 years of solid experience, and you get nothing short of your expectations, our past clients include famous musicians, professionals and high fashion models.

The team includes internationally recognized photographer from Paris, Helene , Raj, Roger and Don . Our Art Director is Sherry Stern who is a successful print model.

Helene has successfully made a mark in Paris working for well published magazines and has number of international clients. She brings her experience of portrait, fashion and documentary photography. Raj has over 15 years of experience in professional photography and is published in magazines and newspapers. Don is a well-established fashion photographer with professional experience. Sherry Stern has appeared in magazines and in print advertisement.

Our team will ensure your satisfaction.

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